Albert Rosenthal, born 13.9.1872 in Dorstfeld
Salomine Rosenthal, née Pins, born 29.5.1880 in Bork
Emmy Andres, née Rosenthal, born 31.10.1915 in Dortmund

Lessingstr. 60, Do-Nord

The office clerk Emmy Rosenthal and the cloth cutter and sports teacher Walter Andres were married on 29 December 1938 in Dortmund. Up to then, Walter Andres had lived with his parents in Aplerbeck (link to Stolperstein for Walter Andres). After the marriage, he went to live with his wife and her parents, Albert und Salomine Rosenthal, at Lessingstrasse 60.

In 1942, all four were forced to move to a “Jew house” at Stiftstr. 21.

Walter and Emmy Andres were deported on 27 January 1942 to Riga. They were transferred from there in 1944 to Stutthof, where Walter Andres was murdered.
Emmy Andres survived the Shoah and emigrated to the USA. She remarried, her second husband being Günther Apfel, another Holocaust survivor from Dortmund, the son of Alfred and Hedwig Apfel (link to the Stolperstein for Apfel), and took his surname.

Salomine and Albert Rosenthal were deported on 29 July 1942 to Theresienstadt, from where they were transferred on 28 October 1944 to Auschwitz.
Salomine Rosenthal was murdered on 31 October 1944, immediately after her arrival in Auschwitz. The date of death of Albert Rosenthal is not known. It is probable that he, like his wife, was murdered immediately after his arrival in the camp.

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