Margarete Andres, née Schleich, born 20.4.1868

Hertha Katzenstein, née Andres, born 18.1.1899

Hildegard Wollstein, née Andres, born 2.3.1901

Walter Andres, born 16.10.1903

Köln-Berliner-Str. 13, Aplerbeck

The Andres family lived in Aplerbeck for many years.
Margarete Andres originally came from Skwierzyna (Poland) and married Josef Andres (died 1935), a tailor and shopkeeper from Aplerbeck. They had four children together: Hertha, Hildegard, Walter and Kurt, the latter of whom died in 1901 only 20 days after his birth.

The daughters of the family were bookkeepers, Son Walter worked in various capacities: at first following in his father’s footsteps as a tailor and shopkeeper, he then became a sports teacher and trainer.

All the children moved far away:
Hildegard found her way to Reichenbach in the Vogtland region, where she married in 1934. Later, she moved to Berlin, and after the death of her husband, married once more in 1942.
Of Hertha, we know that she moved in 1938 with her mother to the Vogtland, presumably to be near to her sister.
Walter Andres moved away from Dortmund several times, but each time returned: in 1933/34 he moved twice to the Saarland region, only to return to Dortmund after a short time. These were probably attempts to escape the Nazi persecution, as the Saarland was under the administration of the League of Nations. In 1938, he married Emmi Rosenthal, and stayed with her in Dortmund.

In 1941, Walter and Emmi were forced to move the “Jew house” at Stiftstr. 21. From there, they were deported in 1942 to Riga. There are only unreliable reports concerning the death of Walter, but he allegedly died of starvation on 30 April 1945 during an “evacuation transport” on board a ship.
Something is known about the death of the other family members: Margarete Andres was deported from Berlin to Theresienstadt, where she died in 1943. Hertha was deported from Berlin to Auschwitz in 1943, but from then on all trace of her is lost. The same also applies to her sister Hildegard. In 1958, both sisters were declared dead.

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