Henriette Eber, born 8.1.1866 in Ergste

Märkische Str. 50, Do-Ost

From February 1939, Henriette Eber lived with → the family of her sister Lina Spiegel in the building at Märkische Strasse 50.

In January 1942, she and her brother-in-law Arthur, along with his children Elli and Rudolf, were forced to vacate the flat on Märkische Strasse, and were placed in collective accommodation at Parsevalstrasse 2. From there, Rudolf was deported to Riga and Arthur to Theresienstadt. It has not been possible to reconstruct the fate of the niece Elli.

Henriette Eber was deported, like her brother-in-law, on 29 July 1942 to Theresienstadt, where she died only two weeks later, on 14 August 1942.

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