Arthur Spiegel, born 12.6.1871
Elli Spiegel, born 14.4.1899
Rudolf Spiegel, born 19.7.1908

Märkische Str. 50, Do-Ost

Arthur Spiegel and his two children Elli and Rudolf were the last members of a large family living at Märkische Str. 50. As well as Rudolf, the family consisted of five further children: daughters Elli (born 1899), Margarethe (born 1900), Hilda (born 1906, died in the same year) and Lotte (born 1913), and son Paul (born 1902). While wife and mother Lina Spiegel died a natural death, the other children emigrated abroad.

Arthur Spiegel originally came from Hagen and lived for a while with his family in Neheim, where daughter Elli was born. Son Rudolf was born in Dortmund.

Arthur, Elli and Rudolf were forced to vacate their home in Märkische Strasse in January 1942 and go into accommodation at Parsevalstr. 2.
Rudolf is known to have been later deported to Riga. According to the Riga Book of Remembrance, he survived the dissolution of the Riga ghetto and was sent to Buchenwald in August 1944, with an intermediate stay in Stutthof concentration camp on the way. At Buchenwald, he was placed in a satellite camp and had to do slave labour for the firm of “Brabag”. The camp was evacuated in April 1945, with the inmates relocating to Theresienstadt. As the name of Rudolf Spiegel does not appear in the Theresienstadt Book of Remembrance, he must be presumed to have died during the evacuation transport.

Arthur Spiegel was deported to Theresienstadt on 29 July 1942, where he died on 9 March 1943.

The fate of Elli Spiegel is unclear. According to a survivor from Riga, she was deported from there together with her brother Rudolf. As there is no clear list for this transport, however, what then became of Elli cannot be determined.

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