Otto Weinberg, *11.6.1905 in Bigge/Kreis Brilon
Grete Weinberg, née Lindemann, *9.4.1909 in Dortmund
Klaus Weinberg, *10.1.1938 in Dortmund

Rheinische Str. 19, Do-West

The Lindemann family lived from 1931 to 1937 at Rheinische Str. 89. Otto Weinberg moved into the home of his parents-in-laws shortly before his marriage to their daughter Grete Lindemann on 19 February 1937.

After their marriage, the Weinbergs moved in July 1937 to Ostwall 58, where the son, Klaus Weinberg, was born in January 1938. Three weeks after the birth, they moved to Rheinische Strasse 19.

In the wake of the “Pogrom night”, Otto Weinberg was held in custody from 12 November to 1 December 1938 at Steinwache police station.
On 4 or 6 January 1939, the Weinbergs emigrated to Rotterdam, followed by the parents-in-law on 9 February 1939.

On 27 February 1940, the family were arrested in the Netherlands and interned in Westerbork. From there, they were deported on 18 January 1944 to Theresienstadt and then on 16 May 1944 to Auschwitz, where all three were murdered.

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