Paul Weber, *21.2.1900 in Lüdenscheid

Flughafenstr. 50, Brackel

Paul Weber had been a member of the Christian Metalworkers Association since his youth.
Paul Weber came from a home with a strong Christian orientation. From his father, he learned blacksmith’s and metalworking skills. In Cologne, he completed training as a musician. He wrote his own song texts, sang in the choir of St. Clemens Parish Church in Brackel, and also played the organ there.
He joined the Resistance group created by his neighbour Erich Mörchel (See link to Stolperstein for Mörchel, Flughafenstr. 80).
On account of his political activities, Pau Weber – along with around 300 other male and female members of the Resistance as well as slave labourers – was picked up by the Gestapo in February 1945 and shot in Rombergpark.

In the 1920s, Paul Weber lived first at Brackeler Hellweg 31 and later at Brackeler Hellweg 170, before moving to Brackeler Hellweg 252 in 1931 and then to Dorfstrasse 82 where, except for a break of one year in a sanatorium, he lived until his death.

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