Isaak Isidor Turteltaub, *14.11.1886 in Rozniatow
Lea Turteltaub, née Fruchter, *11.1.1896 in Rozniatow
Rosa Turteltaub, *27.12.1922 in Dortmund
Josef Turteltaub, *24.2.1924 in Dortmund
Meier ‚Max‘ Turteltaub, *8.1.1925 in Dortmund
Benno Leo Turteltaub, *13.4.1926 in Dortmund
Heiligegartenstr. 18, Do-Nord

The Turteltaub family lived from 1925 to 1938 at Heiligegartenstrasse 18.

On 9 August 1933, Lea Turteltaub was committed to a mental institution, the Provinzialheilanstalt Gütersloh, with a diagnosis of “schizophrenia”. She was moved from there on 21 September 1940 to another hospital, the Heil- und Pflegeanstalt Wunstorf, and then transferred from there on 27 September 1940 to the euthanasia centre in Brandenburg an der Havel, where she was murdered on the same day.

In October 1938, the other members of the family, who were still living in Dortmund, were deported in the course of the so-called “Polish Action” to Zbąszyń (Bentschen).

The fate of Isidor and Rosa Turteltaubs from then on is unknown. It must be assumed that they were murdered during the Shoah. Josef was sent to the Theresienstadt ghetto, where he experienced the liberation but died of typhus in June 1945.

Max and Benno Turteltaub fled on 5 January 1939 to the Netherlands. There, they lived from 29 November 1939 to 7 December 1942 in an Aliyah hostel for young people in preparation for emigration to Palestine, but then had to go underground in the Netherlands and lived in hiding in the home of a pastor. Max was arrested in a police raid, interned in Westerbork, deported on 13 July 1943 to Sobibor, and murdered there on 16 July 1943. Benno fled to Spain in 1944, and was able to emigrate to Palestine on 21 October 1944.

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