Hannelore Thal, *4.12.1927 in Dortmund

Märkische Str. 84, Do-Ost

Hannelore Thal was the daughter of Hermann Thal (born 24 May 1895 in Lobdowo), a merchant, and his wife Gertrud Thal, née Hess (born 11 July 1903 in Königsberg in Prussia).
Their last address in Dortmund was at Märkische Strasse 84, before the family moved to Königsberg in 1931.

After the “Pogrom night” of 1938, Hannelore Thal fled to the Netherlands. Her route may have taken her via Dortmund, where her aunt Meta Thal (born 1896 in Lobdowo) lived at Münsterstrasse 1. While Hannelore lived in the Netherlands, her parents stayed in Belgium.

Hannelore Thal was interned in 1943 in Westerbork, from where she was deported on 6 July 1943 to Sobibor extermination camp and murdered there.

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