Jacob Szymowski, *7.2.1895 in Nowy Dwor
Lisa Szymowski, née Obergut, *21.3.1900 in Kaluczyn
Maria Szymowski, *5.3.1923 in Dortmund
Saarlandstraße 25, Do-West

The Szymowskis lived from 28 November 1921 at Saarlandstrasse 21.

The daughter Dora (born 21 July 1921 in Dortmund) moved on 6 December 1936 to Cologne, from where she later went to England. The son Josef (born 21 July 1924 in Dortmund) also escaped to England, on 22 December 1938.

The parents moved with daughter Maria on 12 July 1939 to Heiligegartenstrasse 26, presumably a “Jew house”, where Maria died on 9 November 1940, according to the death certificate of influenza or pneumonia.

The parents had to move on 22 May 1941 to Münsterstrasse 178; they were deported on 27 January 1942 from Dortmund to Riga, where they were murdered.

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