Bertha Sternheim, geb. Reiss, *18.11.1872 in Bobenhausen

Ruinenstr. 1, Aplerbeck

On 23 August 1901, Bertha Sternheim married cattle dealer Sally Sternheim (born 20 May 1867 in Aplerbeck) in her own home town and then moved with him to Aplerbeck. No children issued from the marriage.

From 1914 onward, the couple lived with Sally Sternheim’s sister at Ruinenstr. 1. According to the birth certificate, Sally Sternheim died at home on 16 January 1939 of heart failure.
The sister/sister-in-law Ida Sternheim (born 26 February 1866) moved in 1941 to Schwerte, from where she was deported and fell victim to the Shoah. It has so far proved impossible to establish any further details about her fate.

One day after her sister-in-law, Bertha also left her home of many years and moved to Brackeler Hellweg 146. From there, she was deported on 27 January 1942 to Riga.

She was murdered in 1944 in Stutthof.

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