Julius Steinweg, *31.7.1886 in Dortmund
Marta Steinweg, née Rosenberg, *21.2.1890 Aplerbeck
Margret Steinweg, *9.5.1932 in Dortmund

Aplerbecker Marktplatz 6, Aplerbeck

Julius Steinweg (known until 1920 as Isidor Steinweg) and his wife Marta Steinweg lived with their three children at Aplerbecker Marktplatz 6. The family bought the building as their dwelling house and carried on their household goods shop in rented premises at house no. 3. Previously, the family had lived in Schüren, where the two sons Hans (born 12 September 1914) and Herbert (born 3 July 1922) were born.

At the end of March 1933, Julius Steinweg was detained during the first wave of arrests by the Gestapo and taken to Steinwache police station.
While still in custody, Julius Steinweg organized the flight of his family across the “green”, i.e. unguarded, border to the Netherlands. Following his release in June 1933, one of his employees also took him to the Dutch border. In the Netherlands, the family worked in the selling business until the German occupation in 1940.

On 14 January 1943, Julius, Marta and Margret Steinweg were taken to Westerbork, the assembly and transit camp, and deported from there on 9 February 1943 to Auschwitz, where all three were murdered.

The Steinwegs were not the only former Dortmunders to be murdered in Auschwitz on that day. Isidor and Else Pinkus and their children Fanny and Hermann (See link to Stolperstein for Pinkus at Heroldstrasse), last living in Dortmund before their flight to the Netherlands at Adlerstrasse 101, were also on the same transport from Westerbork.

The sons, Hans Steinweg and Herbert Steinweg, managed to survive under false names, and lived in the Netherlands after the war.

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