Helena Schweitzer, née Pins, born 14.9.1887
Norbert Willi Schweitzer, born 26.12.1923

Chemnitzer Str. 8, Do-West

Helena Schweitzer, who came from Lüdinghausen, lived with her husband Siegfried and their children Norbert Willi and Lore in Chemnitzer Strasse. While her husband died in 1936 and their daughter Lore was able to reach England, she and son Norbert did not survive the Shoah.

The children were taken on 4 January 1939 to the Netherlands as part of a child transport and were accommodated in various hotels there. Norbert lived initially in Eindhoven and then in Wieringermeer, where he underwent training in an agricultural training facility for Jewish-German refugees, on completion of which the young people would emigrate to Palestine.
However, the facility was shut down in 1941 and all the apprentices were relocated to Amsterdam. In May 1943, Norbert Schweitzer was deported to Auschwitz-Sachsenhausen. In February 1945 he was moved to Flossenburg concentration camp, and 14 days later to the Oberstraubling satellite camp near Regensburg. The date of death for Norbert Schweitzer is recorded in the Books of Remembrance of the German Federal Archive and of the Netherlands as 2 May 1945.

Helena Schweitzer continued to live for a few months in the house at Chemnitzer Str. 8, before then moving several times in quick succession. Her last address in Dortmund was Paderborner Str. 108. From there, Helena Schweitzer was deported on 29 July 1942 to Theresienstadt. Two years later, on 9 October 1944, she was deported to Auschwitz, where she was presumably murdered immediately after her arrival.

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