Helene Schönfeld, née Neter, *29.5.1892 in Schwerte

Schüruferstr. 326/328, Aplerbeck

Helene Neter and her sister Wilhelmine Neter (born 24 August 1895 in Aplerbeck) were the daughters of tradesman Eduard Neter and his wife Bertha Neter of Aplerbeck.

The sisters married a pair of brothers, Max Schönfeld (born 3 October 1896 in Dornheim) and Moritz Schönfeld (born 18 December 1897 in Dornheim).
Eduard Neter was the owner of the house at Schüruferstr. 326, where from June 1925 the family all lived together. Father Eduard Neter died in 1926, mother Bertha Neter in 1934.

Helene and Max Schönfeld had a son, Erwin (born 3 October 1928 in Aplerbeck); the marriage of Wilhelmine and Moritz remained childless.

In the course of the years 1934 to 1937, all five of the Schönfelds relocated to Nuremberg. The first to go was Moritz Schönfeld, who deregistered from Aplerbeck on 23 July 1934. He was followed by Wilhelmine and Erwin on 11 August 1935. Helene and Max also moved to Nuremberg on 12 October 1937. The move may well be due to the fact that from 1934 onwards, the family were subject to regular acts of violence. Among other things, there were reports of bullets being fired at the Schönfelds’ house.

On 29 November 1942 the whole family were deported from Nuremberg to Riga, where they were interned in Gut Jungfernhof camp. All five were murdered there.

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