Eugen Schnog, *1.6.1895 in Brackel
Johanna Schnog, née Marx, *14.6.1895 in Schweinheim
Edith Schnog, *31.12.1927 in Dortmund

Gneisenaustr. 93, Do-Nord

Eugen Schnog and Johanna Marx married in 1922 in Euskirchen. The couple moved on 30 July 1924 from Schimmelstr. 33 in Brackel to Gneisenaustr. 93.

From 31 December 1938, Eugen Schnog was held in custody in Sachsenhausen concentration camp, but returned in the interim to Dortmund.
On 8 October 1940, the family were forced to move to accommodation at Papengarten 14, a so-called “Jew house”.
The further fate of the family is unknown; the most probable outcome is that they were deported from Dortmund and murdered.

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