Emanuel Schnog, *23.3.1870 in Brackel

Brackeler Hellweg 94, Brackel

Emanuel Schnog, a mineworker, lived from 1924 at the latest at Brackeler Hellweg 94. At this time, he was already a widower. On 10 March 1941, he deregistered from Dortmund, stating Schützenbahn 62 in Essen as his new address. In Essen, he was interned from 27 April to 20 July 1942 in Holbeckshof hut camp, which was used as a transit and assembly camp for deportations. On 21 July 1942, he was deported to Theresienstadt and then transferred from there on 21 September to Treblinka extermination camp, where he was murdered.

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