Max Schild, born 21.5.1881

Am Gulloh 42, Eving

Max Schild was born in Schwerte and was married to Dortmund-born Karoline Friederike Wilhelmine Schild. The latter was not of Jewish origin, and the religious denomination entered for both spouses in the household register for their first joint home was “Protestant”.

Up to 1938, Max Schild carried on a mail order business for manufactured items that was based in his home at Lortzingstrasse 20. The couple lived there for several years before moving in 1935 to the house at Am Gulloh 42, which was built to Max Schild’s own order.

In the course of the “Pogrom night”, Max Schild was taken into custody at Steinwache police station and later forced to hand over jewellery and precious metals belonging to him.

In 1944, he was arrested once more and held in Steinwache. Four months after his arrest, he was placed on a transport to Auschwitz. That is the last of Max Schild that is known for certain; a fellow-prisoner reported that he was murdered at Auschwitz in the gas chamber.

Siblings of Max Schild also lived for a time at Am Gulloh 42; his brother Julius, who was deported in 1942 to Theresienstadt und from there to Auschwitz; and his widowed sister Ella, who lived there with her son Willi after 1945.

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