Hans Rosenthal, born 26.8.1908 in Dortmund
Erich Rosenthal, born 24.11.1914 in Hörde

Münsterstraße 42, Do-Nord

The family of Julius Rosenthal, a cattle trader, lived from 1906 at Münsterstr. 40 ½, now number 42. Julius Rosenthal’s first wife was Karoline, née Halle. At least 8 children were born from this marriage. The wife died a few days after moving into Münsterstr. 40 ½.
In 1907, Julius married Marianne Anna, née Rosenberg, from Hildesheim. From this marriage, four sons were born: Hans, Kurt, Werner und Erich.

Julius Rosenthal died in 1929 and his wife Marianne Anna in 1930. Until being compelled to leave at the end of April 1941, Hans lived in the parental home in Münsterstrasse. The building had meanwhile been turned into a so-called “Jew house”. Hans probably left on the property being “Aryanized”.

Hans Rosenthal was deported to Riga on 27 January 1942 and was most probably murdered there.

Because of his handicap, his brother Erich Rosenthal became a victim of the Nazis’ “euthanasia” policy. While he had spent most of his life in care homes, he also lived now and again with the family in the Münsterstrasse.
Since 1939, he had been living in a regional mental hospital, the Provinzial-Heilanstalt Dortmund Aplerbeck. From there, he was transferred on 21 September 1940 to the Anstalt Wunstorf, an institute located near Hannover, and then murdered on 27 September in a euthanasia facility in Brandenburg.

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