Flora Rosenthal, née Strauss, born 26.5./7.1883 in Willmenrod

Friedrichstraße 33, Do-West

Flora Rosenthal was the daughter of Gustav Strauss and his wife Henriette from Willmenrod. On 24 November 1922, she married businessman Levy Rosenthal (born 31.12.1887 in Dorstfeld). At the end of the year 1911, the couple moved into their first joint home at Adlerstr. 50. On 17 June 1912, they relocated to Friedrichstr. 31. There, their only child, son Hans, was born on 14 October 1912.
Levy Rosenthal died in the First World War, on 23 December 1914, while serving as an infantryman.
Son Hans trained in commerce, and at the beginning of April 1935, left the parental home and went to live at Hoher Wall 16. In the same year, he left Dortmund to move to the Netherlands. It has not yet been possible to establish what became of him further, but it must be assumed that he, too, fell victim to the Shoah.

In late 1940, Flora Rosenthal was forced to leave her home and go and live in a “Jew house” at Schwanenstr. 64. On 18 March 1942 she again had to move, to an assembly camp at Parsevalstrasse 4. From there, she was deported on 30 April 1942 to Zamość and murdered in Sobibor extermination camp.

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