Adolf Rosenstein, born 28.9.1887 in Witten
Hedwig Rosenstein, née Schönfeldt, born 7.1.1890 in Neustettin
Edith Rosenstein, born 17.11.1914 in Dortmund

Altenderner Straße 6, Scharnhorst

Adolf and Hedwig Rosenstein married on 22 January 1914 in Dortmund-Derne, and in the same year the daughter Edith was born.

In 1939, the family lived at Altenderner Strasse 6, and from 1940 to 1942 at Moltkestrasse 17, where until 1938 they had carried on a wholesale business in manufactures and haberdashery goods.
In 1941, the family were forced to move to the assembly camp in Parsevalstrasse. Adolf Rosenstein died of a stroke on 10 November 1941. On 27 January 1942, Hedwig and Edith Rosenstein were deported to Riga.

From there, Hedwig was transported to Stutthof on 19 July 1944 and murdered on 9 December 1944. Edith was transported to Stutthof on 9 August 1944 and murdered on 26 December 1944.

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