Martin Rosenbaum, born 23.10.1887
Jenny Rosenbaum, née Neugarten, born 20.7.1888
Hans-Jacob Rosenbaum, born 10.5.1923

Harkortstr. 71/71a, Hombruch

Martin Rosenbaum managed the “Geschwister Neugarten” department store located at Harkortstrasse 71 in Hombruch. Right next door, he built himself a house, where he lived from 1934 at the latest. Where the Rosenbaum family lived before that cannot be established with certainty as some of the address directories of the time are lost and the sources are contradictory.

After the Nazi takeover of power, the Rosenbaums quickly became the object of hostility and abuse, So, for example, the edition of the party newspaper “Rote Erde” of 11 April 1933 already contains an article in which Martin Rosenbaum is termed the “most evil Hebrew in the whole district of Hombruch”. In the “Pogrom night”, Martin Rosenbaum was detained and held for a week in Steinwache police station.

In August 1939, the family moved to Staufenstrasse 13, where they lived until 9 October 1941. They then had to relocate to a “Jew house” at Uhlandstrasse 9.
A year later, on 30 April 1942, the household register bears an entry stating that the Rosenbaums have been deported eastwards. The date matches the deportation transport to Zamosc in Poland, from which there were no known survivors. Martin, Jenny and Hans-Jacob Rosenbaum were officially declared dead in 1945.

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