Eduard Niestatek, born 5.10.1904

Steinwache Hof, Do-Nord

Eduard Niestatek originally came from the Mogilno district of what is now Poland.
When exactly he came to Dortmund, where he worked as a miner on the coal face, is not known.

As well as working as a miner, Niestatek was a member of the KPD – the German Communist Party – and of the miners’ association.
He was already arrested the first time in 1933. Two months later, he was transferred to Esterwegen concentration camp, from where he was released three months later.

In March 1941, he was arrested once more, charged with “preparation of acts of treason”, and taken to Steinwache police station. There, according to the official record, he was “found dead” in his cell. Whether his death was a case of suicide or murder can no longer be established today.

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