Thekla Neugarten, née. Fein, born 12.11.1883 in Waldenburg

Andreasstr. 7, Do-Nord

Samuel (born 28.9.1877 in Schwerte) and Thekla Neugarten moved on 20 June 1908 from Schwerte to Dortmund. They had four children:
Erich Joseph Neugarten, born 9.1.1909 in Dortmund
Hans Hermann Neugarten, born 24.6.1910 in Dortmund
Josef Neugarten, born 25.4.1913 in Dortmund
Hermine Neugarten, born 26.2.1919 in Dortmund

The eldest son, Erich Joseph Neugarten, died at the age of only four months on 25 May 1909.
The father, Samuel Neugarten, died on 1 August 1938 of dementia in the “Provinzial-Heilanstalt”, a mental hospital in Dortmund-Aplerbeck.
The son Hans Hermann Neugarten, a merchant, fled in 1933, without a passport, to the Netherlands. Being unable to establish a livelihood there, he emigrated via Antwerp to Rio de Janeiro.
In 1957, he was still living in Rio de Janeiro, and in 1968 in Nova Iguacu.

After the death of the father, the mother lived with the two children Josef and Hermine at Andreasstrasse 6a, now no. 7, before having to move to a “Jew house” at Andreasstrasse 12 in 1939.

Josef Neugarten continued to live with his mother until his marriage. This took place on 22 April 1940, when he married Marga Abraham (born 7.12.1912 in Stuhm). They then had to go and live in the “Jew house” at Papengarten 14. On 5 October 1941, their son Samuel was born in the Josefs-Hospital in Dortmund-Kirchlinde.
The family were deported to Auschwitz in March 1943, where they were murdered.

On 23 April 1940, Thekla Neugarten and her daughter Hermine Neugarten moved to Witten.

On 25 April 1941, Hermine Neugarten married Samuel, known as Hans, Wilzig (born 18.2.1904 in Witten), a widower. He brought two children from his former wife with him into the marriage. The joint son of Hermine and Samuel, Denny, was born on 25 January 1942.
In March 1943, the Wilzig family were deported to Auschwitz. At this time, Hermine Wilzig was pregnant. The mother and children were presumably murdered immediately after their arrival. After three months of forced labour, Samuel was murdered on 31 May 1943.

Thekla Neugarten returned to Dortmund once more at the end of April 1942 and was deported on 30 April 1942 to Zamość, where she was murdered.

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