Max Neugarten, born 19.7.1896 in Dortmund-Mengede
Johanna Neugarten, née Stern, born 18.2.1902 in Unna
Liesel Neugarten, born 25.12.1933 in Dortmund
Frieda Stern, née Hurwitz, *8.12.1868 in Levern/Minden

Rheinische Str. 29, Do-West

Max Neugarten and Johanna Stern were married on 14 February 1933 in Dortmund.
Their daughter Liesel was born on 25 December 1933.

The couple lived from 1933 in the same house as the wife’s family at Rheinische Strasse 29.
In 1942, the Neugarten family, along with Johanna’s mother Frieda, were forced to go and live in a “Jew house” at Steinstrasse 14. The father had already died, and the sister had moved away to Hamburg.

Frieda Stern was deported on 29 July 1942 to Theresienstadt, from where she was liberated in 1945.
She died on 16 November 1945, presumably of the effects of her time spent in the ghetto.

Max, Johanna and Liesel Neugarten were deported in March 1943 from Dortmund to Auschwitz, where they were murdered. Johanna and 10-year-old Liesel were most probably killed immediately after their arrival on the evening of 3 March.

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