Moses Neiss, born 16.12.1902 in Dukla, Galicia

Kampstraße 118, Do-Mitte

Moses Neiss worked in Dortmund as a trader. He lived from 1936 to 1938 at what was then II. Kampstrasse 22, and from 1938 at I. Kampstrasse 118. He was then forced to move to a “Jew house” at Westenhellweg 91/93.

He was supposed to be deported to Poland in the course of the “Polish action” on 28 October 1938. However, the Polish authorities would not allow him to enter the country, so he was interned in Zbąszyń. From 17 January to 5 September 1940, he was held in Sachsenhausen concentration camp, from where he was transferred, via Buchenwald, to Dachau concentration camp. He was taken into Dachau as a prisoner in preventive detention on 12 July 1941, and transferred to Auschwitz concentration camp on 17 October 1942. Moses Neiss was murdered in Auschwitz on 3 December 1942.

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