Erich Meyer, born 23.07.1897
Kurt Meyer, born 17.01.1921

Husener Str. 63, Scharnhorst

Although it is not known when exactly Erich Meyer, who was born in Oeynhausen, came to live in Husenerstrasse in Dortmund, the traces can be followed back to the 1920s.
Erich’s wife Anna Meyer, née Marker, came from Westick, near Kamen. The couple had a son, Kurt, born in 1921. Between 1939 and 1942, the latter left the parental home on several occasions for short periods of time, but always returned to Husenerstrasse.

The father and son were presumably deported after 1942, though the exact time can no longer be determined.

All that can be established regarding the fate of Erich is that he was first found to have disappeared without trace and was then declared dead. In the case of Kurt, on the other hand, it is known for certain that he had stays in various concentration camps until being finally murdered in Mauthausen, though the exact date is not known.

Anna Meyer überlebte als einziges Familienmitglied und zog 1946 aus der Stadt fort.

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