Jette Mannheimer, née Falk, born 21.10.1884
Johanna Rhein, née Falk, born 9.7.1887
Braunschweiger Str. 23, Do-Nord

Sisters Jette and Johanna were born into the Falk family in Braunsbauch in Württemberg.
Johanna was the first of the two sister to come to Dortmund. In 1919, she married Hermann Rhein, a butcher by trade. She was his third wife. Whether Johanna had also been married before or had any children is still unclear.

Through her marriage, she came to live in the house at Braunschweigerstr. 23. On the death of her husband in 1928, the house became her property.

Jette Mannheimer only came to Dortmund in 1938. She had lived for a long time in Bruchsal, presumably with her husband, but by 1938, he was already dead. She left Bruchsal in the wake of the “Pogrom night” and came to live with her sister in Dortmund.

In 1941, the sisters were forced to move to a so-called “Jew house” at Schwanenstr. 64. Johanna and Jette were both scheduled for deportation from there to Riga. Unlike Jette, however, Johanna was not “sent east”, but was first of all relocated within Germany. Then, in April 1942, she was deported to Zamosc. No one survived this transport.

Jette Mannheimer was already deported to Riga in early 1942. Her fate is still undocumented, but she can certainly be numbered among the victims of the Holocaust.

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