Fanny Löwenstein, born 30.5.1869 in Hörde
Julie Königsberger, née Löwenstein, born 10.2.1871 in Hörde
Henny Königsberger, born 27.7.1902 in Recklinghausen
Lilly Königsberger, born 1.10.1903 in Essen

Faßstr. 22, Hörde

The sisters Fanny Löwenstein and Julie Königsberger lived together with the latter’s children, Henny und Lilly, at Hörder Burgstrasse 4. The house belonged to the sisters’ parents, Julius Löwenstein (died 1912), who kept a specialist grocery store, and his wife Rosa Löwenstein (died 1918). The elder daughter Fanny Löwenstein continued running the father’s grocery store, and is recorded in the address directories from 1920 onwards as the owner of the houses at Hörder Burgstraße nos. 4 and 6.
There was also another sister, Emilie Löwenstein, who already died in 1914 at the age of 40.

Julie Königsberger, née Löwenstein, married Adolf Königsberger, a merchant, soon after the turn of the century and went to live with him, first in Recklinghausen-Bruch and then in Essen-Karnap. After the death of her husband, she returned to live in Hörde. Her daughters Lilly and Henny, who had in fact already left home, also moved between 1938 and 1941 to live with their mother and aunt in Hörde.

Henny and Lilly Königsberger were deported on 27 January 1942 to Riga. From there, they were deported once more on 9 August 1944 to Stutthof concentration camp near Danzig, and were murdered there on 15 December 1944 and 16 January 1945 respectively.

Sisters Julie Königsberger and Fanny Löwenstein were deported on Transport X/1 to Theresienstadt on 29 July 1942. After only a few weeks there, they were placed on Transport Bq on 23 September 1942 to Treblinka extermination camp, where they were most probably murdered immediately after their arrival.

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