Siegmund Löwenhardt, born 9.5.1889 in Hemer/Iserlohn
Margarete Löwenhardt, née Hermanns, born 7.3.1894 in Koblenz
Hans-Georg Löwenhardt, born 12.3.1924 in Dortmund
Alfred Löwenhardt, born 23.6.1926 in Dortmund
Ursula Berta Löwenhardt, born 30.3.1930 in Dortmund

Graudenzer Straße 6, Hörde

Margarete Löwenhardt and her husband Siegmund Löwenhardt lived with their three children Hans-Georg, Alfred and Ursula Berta at Graudenzer Strasse 9, where the father’s firm was also located. He carried on a business selling textiles.
In the wake of the “Pogrom night”, Siegmund Löwenhardt was held in custody at Steinwache police station from 12 November to 1 December 1938.

From 1939/40 to 1942, the family lived at Leopoldstrasse 49. In 1942, they were registered as living at Williburgstrasse 6, a so-called “Jew house”.
Margarete Löwenhardt, her husband Siegfried and their daughter Ursula Berta were deported on 29 July 1942 from Dortmund to Theresienstadt. On 23 October 1944, they were deported to Auschwitz and presumably murdered there immediately after their arrival.

Sons Alfred and Hans-Georg were able to emigrate to London on a child transport on 2 March 1939, and survived the Holocaust there.

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