Gustav Lichtenstein, born 11.8.1873 in Dortmund

Bahnstr. 7, Eving

Master butcher Gustav Lichtenstein lived at Bahnstr. 7 from December 1925 until November 1940. Up to the separation from his second wife in 1934, the family lived there together. He also kept a butcher’s shop in the same building.

From his first marriage, Gustav Lichtenstein had two children: Max (born 18 November 1900 in Dortmund) and Else (born 13 January 1906 in Dortmund).

After the death of his first wife, Röschen Lichtenstein, née Moses, Gustav Lichtenstein married his second wife, Maria Kunze, on 5 June 1928 and also recognized the paternity of her daughter, Wilma Klara (born 3 September 1920).
The couple separated in 1934, and mother and child moved to Düsseldorf. The marriage was dissolved a year later.

On 5 November 1940, Gustav Lichtenstein was forced to move from Bahnstrasse into a so-called “Jew house” at Münsterstrasse 178.

On 29 July 1942, he was deported to Theresienstadt on Transport X/1, and was murdered there two years later on 9 May 1944.

Gustav Lichtenstein’s children from his first marriage survived the Holocaust, and in the 1950s were living in France.

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