Albert Lewy, born 10.1.1895 in Torun
Friederike Lewy, née ten Bosch, born 29.8.1898 in Aplerbeck
Berta Mathilde, born 9.7.1929 in Dortmund

Hermannstr. 152, Hörde

Albert Lewy and Friederike ten Bosch were married on 30 November 1922 in Aplerbeck and lived with their daughter Berta Mathilde, born 1929, at Hermannstrasse 152 in Hörde until 1938 .
In February 1938, the family fled to Aalten in the Netherlands. They lived there at Hoogestraat 55 I, where a Stolperstein has also been placed for the family.

Under the 11th Decree of the German Reich Citizenship Law of 25 November 1941, Jews who relocated their place of residence to another country were deprived of their German citizenship. Consequently, the Lewy family also had their citizenship retrospectively withdrawn, rendering them stateless.

A short time later, father Albert Lewy was sent to a work camp for Jews and made to do forced labour. The forced labour camps in the Netherlands were shut down on 2 October 1942. Albert Lewy was thereupon deported via Westerbork to Auschwitz, where he was murdered on 28 February 1943.

Friederike and Berta Lewy were ordered into Herzogenbusch concentration camp on 10 April 1943, and were then deported on 7 June 1943 via Westerbork to Sobibor extermination camp. Both were murdered immediately after their arrival on 11 June 1943.

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