Jakob Kronenberg, born 3.3.1882 in Udorf
Lina Kronenberg, née Weitzenkorn, born 9.2.1895 in Obermarsberg
Lore Kronenberg, born 27.6.1924 in Dortmund
Hans Kronenberg, born 14.2.1931

Bornstraße 113, Do-Nord

On 21 November 1921, Jakob Kronenberg, a merchant by profession and still single, came from his birthplace of Udorf to live at Bornstr. 104 in Dortmund. His wife Lina joined him there after their marriage on 22 September 1923. The couple’s two children were born in Dortmund.

On 16 August 1927, the couple, with their daughter Lore, moved from Bornstr. 104 to Bornstr. 113. Their son Hans was born there, and the family lived there until their deportation.

Jakob Kronenberg was detained from 12 January 1939 in Sachsenhausen concentration camp; what date he returned to Dortmund is not known.
On 29 July 1942, the whole family were deported from Dortmund to Theresienstadt. On 9 October 1944, all the family members were transported to Auschwitz, where they were presumably murdered immediately after their arrival.

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