Mathilde Kratzer, née Rosenthal, born 5.6.1858 in Sölde

Ruinenstr. 34, Aplerbeck

Mathilde Kratzer and her husband Leopold Kratzer (born 21 November 1862 in Sandweier/Baden) lived for many years at Ruinenstrasse 34. Leopold Kratzer was a factory worker, and later carried on a business for bed springs at Ruinenstrasse 34.

In May 1939, they were forced to leave their home; this marked the start of an Odyssey of moving from one place of accommodation to another.
Leopold Kratzer died on 25 February 1941 in Cologne-Ehrenfeld; at this time, the couple were living at Sölder Kirchweg 27.
After her husband’s death, in April 1942, Mathilde Kratzer was required to go and live in a “Jew house” at Stiftstrasse 21.
On 24 March 1942, she was sent to the collective accommodation at Parsevalstr. 8.

On 29 July 1942, Mathilde Kratzer was deported to Theresienstadt, where she lost her life on 9 September 1942.

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