Hermann Kleeblatt, born 12.9.1874
Lina Kleeblatt, née Weinberg, born 31.5.1873
Walter Kleeblatt, born 20.10.1901
Arthur Kleeblatt, born 6.7.1903

Lindenhorster Str. 237, Eving

Hermann and Lina Kleeblatt did not originate from Dortmund. Hermann was born in Lütgeneder, Lina in Herzebrock. They moved to Dortmund in 1898, where they carried on a grocery and textile business in Lindenhorsterstrasse.
The couple had three sons, Walter, Arthur and Richard (born 13.6.1906), all of whom were born in Dortmund.

In the wake of the “Pogrom night”, Hermann Kleeblatt was detained for five days in Steinwache police station.
In the light of this experience, the Kleeblatt family decided to leave Dortmund and move to the Netherlands, with Arthur going first and the rest of the family following in 1939.

Finally, in 1943, first of all son Walter and then parents Lina and Hermann were sent to Westerbork camp. By this time, Lina was in such poor physical condition that she was immediately taken to the sickbay. She died there in December of the same year.
Only 14 days after his arrival in Westerbork, Walter was deported to Sobibor, where he apparently already died in the same year.
Hermann Kleeblatt was deported in February 1944 to Bergen-Belsen, where he died in September 1944.

Arthur, who had left Germany before the rest of his family, lived in Amsterdam with his wife Rosi Rindskopf, whom he had married in 1933 in Cologne, and worked there as a trader or businessman. Already in summer 1942 they were taken from Westerbork to Auschwitz, where they both died within only two months.

Son Richard was the only one of the Kleeblatt family to survive the Holocaust.

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