Emilie Klar, née Adler, born 9.5.1884 in Wertheim
Ludwig Klar, born 20.7.1907 in Dortmund

Kreuzstr. 26, Do-West

Emilie Klar lived from 1915 with her husband Jacob Klar (born 7 November 1877 in Maleczechowo), a master tailor and merchant, and their son Ludwig in Kreuzstrasse. They first lived from October 1915 to August 1934 at house no. 14, and then at house no. 26.
Jacob Klar, the husband, died on 7 September 1936 at the age of 59 in Dortmund.
Ludwig Klar also became a tailor.

Ludwig Klar was deported together with his mother Emilie Klar on 27 January 1942 to the Riga ghetto. Emilie was presumably already murdered in Riga, although the exact date of her death is not known.
Ludwig Klar was deported on 10 August 1944 from Riga to Stutthof concentration camp, where he was murdered.

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