Dr. Albert Katz, born 14.7.1904 in Bodenfelde

Dreihüttenstr. 8, Do-Ost

While still in training as a lawyer, Albert Katz moved in August 1930 from Kochstr. 26 to go and live in the house of Jewish textile dealer Arthur Jordan at Dreihüttenstr. 8. Previously, he had lived in Berlin.

On 27 March 1931, he married his landlord’s daughter, Anne Jordan (born 6.5.1906 in Dortmund), and moved with her on 1 October 1931 to Berlin. In the following June, the couple returned to Dortmund, where they lived in the house of Anne’s parents, but then went back to Berlin a year later. It appears that at the beginning of 1934 they were living in the Netherlands, but already registered on 2 August 1934 as being once again resident in Dortmund. Their daughter, Gabriele Katz, was born on 25 August 1933 in London. On 18 November 1936, Albert Katz deregistered from Dortmund, stating his intended new place of residence as Alkmaar in the Netherlands. His wife and daughter joined him there on 8 December 1936.

In the Dortmund address directory for 1933, Dr. Albert Katz is entered as a lawyer, with his office at Ostenhellweg 61 and his residence at Dreihüttenstr. 8. For the years 1936 and 1937 – due to the ban on practising for Jewish lawyers – he is recorded as an insurance agent working from his home address of Dreihüttenstr. 8.

In the Netherlands, the family moved to Hilversum in 1940. From 29 January 1942, all three were interned in Westerbork, and deported from there on 11 January 1944 to Bergen-Belsen. Albert Katz was to be deported from there to Theresienstadt on 10 April 1945, but is assumed to have died on the way there of typhus on 13 April 1945.
Anne Jordan and her daughter Gabriele were liberated from Bergen-Belsen and were registered as living back in Hilversum from July 1945, and this is also where Anne Katz died in 1982. In 1960, Gabriele Katz was living in San Francisco under another name.

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