Auguste Jordan, née Silberschmidt, born 10./17.10.1875 in Lingen
Aron Jordan, born 12.7.1872 in Telgte
Hermann Jordan, born 7.8.1907 in Dortmund
Helga Jordan, married name Lilie, born 24.3.1912 in Dortmund

Rheinische Str. 56, Do-West

Auguste Jordan and her husband Aron Jordan lived from 1905 to 1934 at Rheinische Strasse No. 56. They had three children: Paul (12.9.1906), Hermann (7.8.1907) and Helga (24.3.1912).

Aron and Auguste Jordan, together with Aron’s brother, Arthur Jordan, carried on a firm by the name of “Geschwister Jordan GmbH, a fabrics business located at Münsterstrasse 41-45, which also sold haberdashery, linen and woollen goods, as well as trimmings.

Following the “Pogrom night” in November 1938, Aron Jordan was taken into “preventive detention” by the Gestapo for several days.
On 30 July 1942, the couple were deported from Dortmund to Theresienstadt; there, Aron Jordan was murdered on 14 December 1942 and Auguste Jordan on 6 May 1943.

The eldest son, Paul, moved from Dortmund to Hildesheim in August 1925, where he married his wife Erika, née Stern, on 10 April 1931. He fled to the Netherlands, where he was initially held in Herzogenbusch concentration camp, but was then deported on 4 May 1942 from Westerbork to Sobibor extermination camp. He was murdered in Sobibor on 7 May 1943.

Hermann Jordan completed an apprenticeship as a mechanic in 1927 and, together with another business partner, ran a car repair shop in Castrop-Rauxel from 1930 to 1932. In autumn 1931, the other partner withdrew from the business – according to Hermann Jordan as a result of ant-Jewish propaganda. Hermann gave up the business in May 1932 and returned to live with his parents at Rheinische Strasse 56. In May 1934, Hermann Jordan emigrated to Palestine, where he managed to get by doing odd jobs. In early November1958, he returned to Germany.

In 1932, Helga Jordan began a commercial apprenticeship in her parents’ fabrics business. However, she was forced to give this up in August 1933 after coming into conflict with non-Jewish employees following the appointment of Hitler as German Chancellor, whereupon the works council advised her to hand in her notice. Helga Jordan then moved to France in order to prepare for emigration; she completed training courses in agriculture and applied for a work permit for Palestine. From 1935, she managed a farm in Palestine. Helga Lilie was married to Richard Daniel Lilie. In 1956, she reported having two children aged 13 and 19.

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