Johanna Jagusch, née Katzki, born 21/23.12.1858 in Nibork, Masuria
Alfred Jagusch, born 24.2.1894 in Strassburg, West Prussia
Thekla Jagusch, née Heimberg, born 26.12.1904 in Brilon
Dieter David Jagusch, born 5.9.1937 in Dortmund

Alexanderstraße 30, Do-West

Johanna Jagusch and her husband Adolf Jagusch lived from the end of the First World War in Dortmund. Adolf Jagusch already died before the Nazis came to power. The couple had seven children, all of whom were born before the move to Dortmund.
Until 1934, the son Alfred Jagusch kept a bookshop in Königsberg. In 1934, he moved from Königsberg to his parents in Dortmund.
On 29 November 1935, he married Thekla Heimberg. Their son Dieter David was born on 5 September 1937. The family belonged to the Dortmund Jewish community. From 1939, the family lived together with mother Johanna Jagusch at Alexanderstrasse 30.
Until 1939, Alfred Jagusch worked in Dortmund as a miner at Zeche Kaiserstuhl mine. He was under observation by the Gestapo. Alfred Jagusch was sent for 10 days to a work camp. In 1939, he was warned of his planned arrest, which prompted him to flee to the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and finally to France. In Lorraine, he was able to work again as a miner until the mines were closed in 1944 because of the approaching war front.

Alfred Jagusch returned to Dortmund for a short time in 1944, but then went to Dresden, where he lived illegally. After the war, Alfred Jagusch went to live in Bad Mergentheim, where he died on 12 January 1971.

Thekla Jagusch and her son Dieter David were deported on 30 April 1942 to Zamość, where they were murdered.
Johanna Jagusch was deported from Dortmund on 30 July 1942 on Transport X/1 (No. 102) to Theresienstadt, where she died on 29 September 1942.

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