Bruno Hüsing, born 18.6.1891 in Dortmund

Kaiserstraße 49, Do-Ost

From 1937, Bruno Hüsing, who worked as a fitter, lived with his wife Berta Augusta, née Gelting or Gelding, at Kaiserstrassee 49. He had links to the “Winzen Group”, the group formed around stationery dealer Paul Winzen (See link to Stolperstein for Paul Winzen, Steinstr. 42 (Ikegasse)) that was active in the Resistance to the Nazis.

All members of the group were arrested between June and August 1940. Bruno Hüsing was handed in to Steinwache police station on 27 June 1940 (Number 1837 in the register of prisoners) and subsequently transferred to Hamm court jail on 21 May 1941.

On 7 June 1941, fourteen members of the group were found guilty by the criminal bench of Hamm Higher Regional Court and sentenced to terms of imprisonment. Bruno Hüsing was given two years in prison and loss of his civil rights for five years.

On 3 July 1941, Hüsing was transferred to Bielefeld, and died on 24 January 1942 in Verl in Oberems prison camp. The cause of death was given as “heart attack”.
At that time, Oberems prison camp was a forced labour camp in the locality of Verl (“Amt Verl”), centred in Gütersloh. The workers were assigned to the local farmers as field workers.

Bruno Hüsing was cremated on 6 February 1942 at Bielefeld Crematorium; on 14 February 1942, his ashes were delivered to the administration of Dortmund’s main cemetery (“Dortmunder Hauptfriedhof”) and buried on 21 February 1942 in Section 141b of the cemetery. On 26 July 1946, the urn was relocated to Section C57/1.

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