Berta Hoffmann, née Dannenbaum, born 12.2.1863 in Lütgendortmund

Limbecker Str. 32, Lütgendortmund

Berta was born on 12 February 1863 in Lütgendortmund as the daughter of Levi Dannenbaum and his wife Sara, née Junckermann.
She married the hat and cap dealer Moritz Hoffmann (born 21.8.1865 in Castrop), who died on 9 July 1934 in St. Barbara Hospital in Lütgendortmund.
The marriage produced at least one daughter, named Meta (born 1895), who later married Paul Gans.

Berta’s parents’ home was located in Lütgendortmund, at Wilhelmstrasse 6. Later, she moved with her husband to Hauptstrasse 8, today renamed Limbeckerstrasse 32, where Moritz Hoffmann kept a hat and cap shop. On her husband’s death, Berta became the owner of the building.

In 1940, Berta Hoffmann was forced to leave her home and go to live at Kleine Beurhausstr. 16 in the centre of town. In late September 1940, she deregistered from that address and relocated to Berlin-Charlottenburg, but came back again on 7 November 1940. Eight days later, she moved to her last address in Dortmund, Burgwall 29, a so-called “Jew house”.

Berta Hoffmann was deported on Transport X/I from Dortmund to Theresienstadt on 27 July 1942. She died there on 16 December 1942.

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