Rosalie Hahn, born 25.7 or 25.12.1877 in Bobenhausen

Albert Vogelsang, born 23.1.1882 in Asseln

Jetta Vogelsang, née Hahn, born 16.8.1883 in Bobenhausen

Brackeler Hellweg 146, Brackel

From 1940, Rosalie Hahn lived with her sister Jetta and Jetta’s husband Albert Vogelsang at Brackeler Hellweg 146. Albert was a master butcher and cattle dealer by trade. He was arrested after the “Pogrom night” on 10 November 1938, taken to Sachsenhausen concentration camp and detained there from 12 November to 22 December 1938. According to information of a relative, Albert Vogelsang was forced by members of the SA to commit suicide, presumably on 11 November 1940.

Jetta Vogelsang and her sister Rosalie Hahn were deported to Riga on 27 January 1942. They were officially declared dead with effect as of 8 May 1945.

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