Arthur Grünewald, born 14.12.1898 in Hörde

Regina Grünewald, née Orlean, born 3.1.1900 in Petrikau

Günter Grünewald, born 1925 in Dortmund

David Ludwig Grünewald, born 2.5.1942 in Amsterdam

Oesterholzstr. 87, Do-Nord

From 1923, First World War veteran and sales representative Arthur Grünewald lived with his wife Regina and son Günter, born 1925, in the house of his mother at Oesterholzstrasse 87. Günter Grünewald already died in 1936. On 17 December 1938, Arthur and Regina Grünewald were ordered to go and live in the “Jew house” at Mönchwordtstr. 2. Regina Grünewald relocated at once to Amsterdam, presumably to arrange the possibility of emigration to Central America. Arthur Grünewald followed her on 8 January 1940. In the Netherlands, the Grünewalds had a second son, David Ludwig Grünewald.

On 12 September, the Grünewalds were taken to the Westerbork assembly and transit camp, from where they were deported in April 1943 on Transport XXIV/1 to the Theresienstadt ghetto. On 28 September 1944, Arthur Grünewald was deported on Transport “Ek” (No. 1353) to Auschwitz, where he was probably murdered immediately after his arrival. On 6 October 1944, Regina and her son David Ludwig Grünewald were also deported on Transport “Eo” to Auschwitz, where they were presumably murdered immediately after their arrival.

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