Louis Grüneberg, born 8.3.1878
Rosa Grüneberg, née Alexander, born 30.9.1876

Vinckeplatz 7, Do-West

Louis and Rosa Grüneberg were the parents of three children, Herta (born 1907), Martha (born 1908) and Kurt (born 1910).
They lived together in an apartment at Vinckeplatz 7, although the children already left the parental home and went their own ways even before 1933.

In 1940, Louis and Rosa Grüneberg were forced to leave their apartment, and then had to move home several times within the city. In 1942, they were deported, first to Theresienstadt concentration camp, and then two years later to Auschwitz, where they were in all probability murdered immediately.

Their three children survived the Holocaust.

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