Therese Grüneberg, née Scheyer, born 24.10.1884 in Gemünd/Eifel

Max Grüneberg, born 8.7.1885 in Arnsberg

Münsterstr. 117, Do-Nord

Therese Grüneberg and her husband Max lived from 1932 at Münsterstrasse 117.
In 1939 they moved to Heckenstrasse 5, then on 24 April 1941 to Stiftstrasse 15, and finally, on 4 April 1942, to Osterholzstrasse 80.

Max Grünberg was required to do forced labour from 22 April 1940 to 28 April 1942. It has not been possible to establish where he was deployed.
On 30 April 1942, he and his wife Therese were deported from Dortmund to Zamość, where they were presumably murdered. Both were officially declared dead with effect as of 8 May 1945.

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