Werner Grossheide, born 9.12.1908 in Dortmund

Nordstr. 57, Do-Nord

Salaried employee Werner Grossheide lived in 1937 and 1938 at Schützenstrasse 23. On the day of his arrest in 1942, he was registered as living at Nordstrasse 57.

On 11 August 1937 and again on 5 September 1938, Werner Grossheide found himself under arrest at Steinwache police station for offences against Section 175 of the Criminal Code (the law prohibiting homosexual relations between men).
On both occasions, he subsequently appeared in court. Whether he was found guilty is not known, but his third arrest on 25 September 1942 suggests that he was. On this day, the police took him into so-called “preventive custody”, after he was held for three days in Hamm police jail.
On 22 October 1942, Werner Grossheide was sent with a number of others to Neuengamme concentration camp. There, he was given the prisoner number 10938 and was classified as a “professional criminal”. Werner Grossheide died on 6 March 1943 in Neuengamme.

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