Rebekka Bertha Gollubier, née. Caspari, born 11.2.1870 in Bukowitz/Schwetz

Alfred Aron Gollubier, born 11.1.1892 in Wentfin/Schwetz

Ewald Gollubier, born 18.1.1898 in Wentfin/Schwetz

Herbert Gollubier, born 3.5.1905 in Wentfin/Schwetz

Schüruferstr. 221, Aplerbeck

Rebekka Bertha and her husband Hermann Gollubier (born 9.1.1865) lived from 1919/20, together with stepson Alfred Aron from Hermann Gollubier’s first marriage, at Schüruferstrasse 221.
In 1924, son Herbert also moved in from Witten, followed in 1929 by son Ewald from Cottbus. On 27 October 1934, father Hermann died at the age of 69. Alfred Aron moved out of the flat in Schüruferstrasse in 1939, and from then on lived at Westenhellweg 33. On 28 March 1940, Rebekka Bertha and the two remaining sons Ewald and Herbert moved to Stiftstrasse 15, where they were also joined by Alfred Aron one year later.
Rebekka Bertha, Herbert and Alfred moved again on 15 April 1942 to Münsterstrasse 80. Ewald had already relocated to Minden in August 1940.

From Münsterstr. 80, the three remaining Gollubiers, Rebekka Bertha, Alfred Aron and Herbert moved on 25 July 1942 to Prinzenstr. 9.

Rebekka Bertha Gollubier was deported on 29 July 1942 with Transport X/1 to Theresienstadt. From there, she was already deported once more on 23 September 1942 to Treblinka. After that, there is no knowledge of her fate. She was most probably murdered just a few days after her arrival in Treblinka.

The fate of the sons can also not be established with certainty.
Alfred Gollubier was possibly deported together with brother Ewald and the latter’s wife Anna on 13 December 1941 from Münster to Riga and from there to Stutthof extermination camp. On the other hand, contradictions between registration and deportation dates stated in existing household registers and an employer’s dismissal dates may also indicate that the brothers Alfred and Herbert were deported on the transport of 2 March 1943 to Auschwitz.

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