Emanuel Goldschmidt, born 18.7.1867 in Sterbfritz (Sinntal)

Helene Goldschmidt, née Löwenstein, born 28.03.1865 in Brilon

Weissbachstr. 18, Do-West

Emanuel Goldschmidt, a teacher and deputy headmaster, and his wife Helene, née Löwenstein, married on 28 January 1893.

It is no longer possible to establish when exactly Emanuel Goldschmidt first moved to Dortmund. His name appears in the Dortmund address directories from 1932 onwards, initially at Ardeystr. 71. From 1935 he lived at Weissbachstr. 18, which was the last place he chose to live of his own free will. In the course of 1939, he moved to Helmut-Barm-Str. 16. It must be assumed that this last move did not take place voluntarily.
His last registered address prior to deportation was the “Jüdisches Alters- und Siechenheim Wickenkamp” in Unna, a care home for old and sick Jews.
Emanuel Goldschmidt was deported to Theresienstadt on 30 July 1942, at the age of 75.He died in Theresienstadt on 2 June 1943.

Helene Goldschmidt lived with her husband in the “Jüdisches Alters- und Siechenheim Wickenkamp” in Unna.

On 22 August 1942, she was taken to the “care home for the old and sick” in the work camp for Jewish detainees at Schlosshofstraße 73a, where she died of malnourishment on 4 September 1942.

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