Tulek Freund, born 18.3.1901 in Rakszawa/Lancut

Debora Freund, née Korn, born 25.6.1904 in Blazova

Siegfried Freund, born 14.12.1929 in Dortmund

Fritz-Reuter-Straße 17, Do-Nord

The date when Tulek Freund and Debora Korn came to live in Dortmund is not known. What is certain, however, is that they married in 1924, and five years later, their son Siegfried Freund was born. The father was a trader in clothing and textiles. He kept a shop at Fritz-Reuter-Strasse 17, where the family also lived from 1931.

In 1939, Tulek Freund fled to Belgium. After the invasion of Western Europe by the German army, he was detained in Drancy transit camp and deported on 11 November 1942 on Transport 45, Train Da.901/3, to Auschwitz, where he was murdered.

Debora Freund fled with her son to Buenos Aires in Argentina. The exact details of their flight cannot now be reconstructed, but it can be assumed that Debora and Siegfried Freund left Dortmund together with Tulek in 1939 and initially fled to Belgium. Debora and Siegfried Freund survived the Shoah. When living in emigration, Siegfried changed his first name to Jean.

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