Paul Hans Frank, born 2.2.1925 in Dortmund

Leopoldstr.4, Do-Nord

Hans Frank lived from 11 November 1939 to 4 April 1940 at Leopoldstrasse 4. He was deregistered from this address and moved to Niedermarsberg, where Paul Hans Frank, who was mentally retarded, was placed in the psychiatric hospital there. Via Weilmünster Psychiatric Hospital (Landesheilanstalt Weilmünster), he was brought on 5 August 1941 to Hadamar State Psychiatric Hospital (Landesheil- und pflegeanstalt Hadamar), where he was murdered one day later. Hadamar was one of the designated euthanasia centres for the extermination of so-called “life unworthy of life” under the Nazi’s “Euthanasia” programme.

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