Frieda Feldheim, née Weinberg, born 23.6.1872 in Bösingfeld/Lippe

Paul Feldheim, born 9.6.1899 in Hörde

Fritz Feldheim, born 21.10.1902 in Hörde

Hörder Rathausstr. 2, Hörde

The Feldheim family lived in Hörde for decades. The family was made up of parents Josef and Frieda Feldheim and their four children: Paul, Bertha (born 13.10.1900, survived), Fritz, and Ludwig Cesar (born 17.10.1906, survived).
Till 1922, the family lived together at Friedrichstrasse 5, now renamed Aldinghofer Strasse. The father, Josef, is assumed to have died at some time between 1922 and 1932. In the following years, mother Frieda lived at various addresses, together with some of her children.

On 19 January 1932, Frieda moved with her sons Paul and Ludwig from Gutenbergstr. 81 to Hörder Rathausstr. 2. Daughter Bertha, who temporarily moved to Lemgo, also lived there for a while. At the beginning of January 1935, the four of them moved to Von-der-Tann-Str. 24. On 5 January 1939, son Fritz, coming from Berlin, also came and lived at this address.
They lived there until 27 February 1939, and then moved to Klosterstr. 4. However, they were only able to stay there for nine months, and were then ordered to go and live at Helle 6, a so-called “Jew house”.

Fritz and Paul Feldheim were deported to Riga on 21 January 1942, and were officially declared dead after the war. Paul is reported to have already been shot dead in September 1942 in Salaspils near Riga.
Frieda Feldheim was deported to Theresienstadt on 29 July 1942 and died there on 7 September 1942.

Bertha Feldheim fled to Berlin – exactly when is not known – where she lived underground and managed to survive. Ludwig Feldheim was scheduled for deportation to Auschwitz, but succeeded in fleeing from the assembly point; he also went underground in Berlin and survived.

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