Julius Falk, born 2.1.1877 in Mettmann
Minna Falk née Baruch, born 1.10.1885 in Volkmarsen/Wolfhagen

Arneckestr. 2, Do-West

From 15 November 1922, the Falk family lived at Arneckestr. 2. The couple had a daughter, Ilse Falk, who left the family home following her marriage in April 1933.

Minna Falk kept a grocery shop in the building at Arneckestr. 2; Julius Falk was a collection agent and insurance inspector.

Julius and Minna Falk were deported on 27 January 1942 to Riga, where they presumably lost their lives. In the Riga Commemorative Book, they are named in the list of the dead. They were officially declared dead with effect as of 9 May 1945.

There are two death entries for the Falks dated 1 April 1942 to be found in household registers in Dortmund.
It is therefore quite possible that at this time, communications were still being sent from Riga to family or relatives left behind in Dortmund. The shared date of death gives grounds to suspect that the Falks either fell victim to a mass killing campaign or they committed suicide together.

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